Set and Props







Ludvigs Licorice boats

Månelyst i Flåklypa 2017-2018

Elevator, ramp and control house.

The elevator is located at the cliff in front of Reodors house.

Toilet paper for the interior set.

Two scales of the toilet to attach to the two scales of the rocket we had on the project.

Toilet interior set.

Shop ladys livingroom. I made the main construction of it and the practical light.

Reodors workshop roof duplicate. The roof from the original set where hard to access and had poorly made for tiedowns.  We mad this duplicate for some shots.

The cockpit set where built by John Wright that

made a fantastic job.

We made the under construction and installed all the practical lights. These where connected to a DMX and could be pre-animated for all shots before the animators animated the characters.